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Stairway to Cairo

On a typical workday, I walk up two sets of stairs and down one to get to my train. Downtown, I walk down one set of stairs and up three to get to the street level. At my office, I walk up one set of stairs to get to the main entrance. And this doesn’t include stepping up or down curbs, which are about eight feet tall. Okay, maybe more like eight inches. Or maybe even twelve. Suffice it to say they are high.

On a non-typical day, I might have to walk up three flights of stairs to get to my office, and up and down several flights to get to my apartment (though fortunately the elevator has always worked when we’ve needed to go up).

All these stairs are good for me, but woe is me if I ever have a limp or crutches. This is not a city for the disabled.

And speaking of elevators: my building has two elevators, side by side. The ground floor is zero. Neither elevator stops on the first floor. One of the elevators stops at every floor from two up.

But the other elevator? It only stops at the odd numbered floors. Lucky for us, we live on an odd floor. But we are perplexed. Why the (sorta) exclusive elevator? Is rent higher on these floors? I need answers!


19 September 2007 - Posted by | our life in egypt

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  1. Hi, Great Blog and nice entry. I’m producing a short documentary about elevators in Cairo, and would love if you could share where the location is. Drop me an email if you’d be willing to share… My email is producer(AT)jonjensen(DOT)com Thanks a bunch, and I’m gonna keep reading…

    Comment by jonjensen | 27 October 2007

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