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Ramadan pop it!

Bug thinks Ramadan is a person. More specifically, a man who stands in the street outside our apartment and pops balloons.

Why the confusion? Well, starting last week, at the first iftar, we heard popping noises coming from outside as people celebrated by setting off little fireworks. Our kids, who love balloons, decided that this noise was a balloon being popped. And now when Bug hears this noise, he says, “Ramadan pop it!”

(Yes, we have tried to explain that Ramadan isn’t actually a person, though there may well be people named Ramadan. There are certainly people named Islam.)

ramadan 5

The boys are enjoying our evening walks, new for Ramadan. If we leave our apartment right around dark, at 6:30pm (we’ve set the clocks back here already), the streets are empty of cars (think: Christmas morning, but warm, so more like Christmas morning in Florida), perfect for a casual stroll. Plus the Ramadan lanterns are lit up, and the decorations are lovely.

ramadan 4

By the way, Ramadan celebrates the giving of the Koran from Allah to the Prophet Mohammed. Mr. Four and I had a conversation the other day that went like this:

Mr. Four: Why do they need a whole month?

Me: Well, the internet was really slow back then. And the Koran is a big book. It probably took that whole month to download.

Ha ha, we crack ourselves up! When really what we are is sacrireligious! (I suspect this joke is funnier when you’ve been suffering through a slow internet connection. Also when your Muslim neighbors aren’t spying on you.)

So Ramadan has not been nearly as challenging as expected for this family of non-observers. More on this in future posts.


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  1. Stumbled onto your blog today via a Google alert (set up to email me whenever something new pops up on the web that has to do with Egypt/Cairo).

    I am an American and spent the last nine months abroad studying at AUC in Egypt. Now I’m back, about to graduate, and I’m researching any opportunities available to work in Egypt.

    I was wondering if I could possibly email/chat with you as to what brought you to Cairo. 🙂 My interests, experience, and abilities are diverse. I’m graduating with a degree in International Relations with a specialization in the Middle East and International Business.

    If you have a minute I’d love to hear from you!

    Comment by Candace | 19 September 2007

  2. well. i hope u know that muslims/Egyptian can hv access 2 your blog too. so pls try not to be offensive .. thank u

    Comment by mostafa | 21 December 2008

  3. Mostafa, of course I know Muslims and Egyptians have access to my blog. My experience has also been that most Egyptians have a great sense of humor…

    My apologies if you found this offensive. But, really, what is so offensive here?

    Might I also gently suggest that if you don’t like this blog, you don’t read it?

    Comment by Ms. Four | 21 December 2008

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