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Most of you readers, I suspect, are people who actually know us or are folks who have some connection to Ethiopian kids or Egypt or something or other.

But a few people find my blog through internet searches. Each day, WordPress tells me the search terms people have entered which, somehow, got them here. So here are a few search terms that recently, somehow, people entered and then ended up at this blog:

ethiopian corn
American family blog Cairo
camels how big it is
big pictures of camels in egypt
kids in egypt crowd around you
egyptian sicknesses
egyptian prayer mats (I really don’t get this one)
should i move to cairo egypt 2007

First off, for some of my colleagues, how about that natural language searching?

Next, ethiopian corn? I can’t imagine that searcher found what they wanted here. And to answer the camel question: very big. And to answer the last question: yes, move to Cairo.

Next, a few folks have asked about the pseudonyms. (Confession: my children’s names are not actually Giggle and Bug.) My kids’ names are unusual and I don’t want them to hate me even more as teenagers, so I’m trying to keep things a bit private.

The cat had a pseudonym because I didn’t want to leave him out. And, yes, our nanny has a pseudonym, though careful readers will note I have given her a new Ethiopian name. How culturally sensitive of me.

Mr. Four’s name has drawn some comments. I was following a pretty common convention amongst women bloggers of called their partners Mr. NameoftheBlog.

I’m open to suggestions for new psedonyms. If I pick yours, you win! I’ll send you a postcard from Egypt. As soon as I can figure out where to buy postcards.

Finally, another interesting note: have you ever used Google News alerts to send you an email when something is published in an area of interest? A friend of mine here in Cairo gets alerts when something about “Egypt” is published online. And she gets feeds from my blogs. That’s right. Google News is aggregating this very blog.

It must have been a slow news day when someone decided to do that. (And yes, I know that an actual person didn’t actually decide anything.)


17 September 2007 - Posted by | in the news


  1. I can relate to the strange search keywords which lead people to our blogs. Some months back, I was rather tickled by a particular search done, and I even wrote a post snippet about it. 🙂


    Comment by Blabarella | 17 September 2007

  2. Didn’t you mention prayer mats in your blog post about buying appliances?

    Angela 🙂

    Comment by Angela | 18 September 2007

  3. Angela, you are one smart woman!

    Blabs, yeah, I don’t think that guy found what he was looking for!

    Comment by egypt4 | 19 September 2007

  4. Smart? Or sad, that I have nothing to do besides read & apparently memorize blogs? LOL

    Angela 🙂

    Comment by Angela | 19 September 2007

  5. Oh, definitely smart!

    Comment by egypt4 | 19 September 2007

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