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Goodbye Iggy

Iggy the cat died yesterday. He had a vet appointment in the morning, and the doctor said the infections in his foot were finally healing. But it was his diabetes that did him in. He went into insulin shock in the afternoon (perhaps brought on, in part, by the stress of the doctor’s appointment). Despite many phone consultations with the vet, we couldn’t save him.

The boys have known the cat was sick. In the midst of Iggy’s shock, the boys and I said goodbye to him and went to meet some friends at a nearby playground. Mr. Four stayed home, joining us later with the news.

Poor kitty–he had a rough last few weeks. (Though he was very well traveled.)

And poor boys, especially Giggle. I don’t know that he was particularly attached to the cat, but with all the loss he’s experienced in his life over the past year, it’s doubly sad for him to lose a pet. For the past few weeks, he’s been saying that “Iggy’s sick.” After we told him the news today, he said, “Iggy’s okay.”

And poor Bug has now lost two pets in the course of a few months (our old hound died in early summer, before Giggle arrived in the US).

And poor Mr. Four, who has had Iggy since he was a tiny, starving kitten (at some point after being nursed back to healthy, Iggy declared he would never go hungry again and thus started the incessant fod consumption that likely led to his weight gain and eventual diabetes; Iggy topped out around 19-20 pounds).

Iggy was a great cat. We will miss him and his ankle-batting and mewing for food and rolling, otter like, onto his back. Goodbye Iggy.


16 September 2007 - Posted by | giggle, iggy the cat


  1. sorry about Iggy …

    Comment by Stacy | 16 September 2007

  2. Poor Iggy. I’m sure he had a good life with you. Are you going to be able to keep saying “No” to all the strays? 🙂

    Comment by Libby | 16 September 2007

  3. I am SO sorry to hear about Iggy. I was skimming through some of your posts, and Iggy in particular, caught my attention because we too, brought our cat Tigger over from Malaysia last December. We left him for about 6 months and then decided that we couldn’t be without him, and we found out that he wasn’t doing too great without us either. He’s 7+ years now, and although not quite 19-20lbs, he’s about 13lbs now, and I’m keeping him on food watch, just in case. I’m sure Iggy had a very happy life with the Fours.

    Comment by Blabs | 17 September 2007

  4. Hey, all, I do appreciate your kindness.

    Libby: the answer is I don’t know! What’s crazy is that I never really decided on any of my pets. Mr. Four had the two cats when I met him, and the old hound was already the resident stray. We took in Ms. Muddy Paws when a friend needed a new home for her, and Ms. Underfoot wandered up our driveway. For right now, it’s nice not to have the responsibility, especially with the two daily shots of insulin.

    Our other animals are doing very well in their new homes, so that’s good to know.

    Comment by egypt4 | 17 September 2007

  5. We’re sorry to hear about Iggy. He was a great cat-neighbor a blue moon back.

    Comment by Jen | 26 September 2007

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