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Now back in the US!

Happy Enkutatash

It’s not just any ‘ole New Year in Ethiopia: it’s the millennium! We celebrated by eating Ethiopian food for dinner (courtesy of our fabulous housekeeper/nanny), and tomorrow the boys will wear their traditional outfits to school (with enthusiasm–there is no forcing involved). Plus our housekeeper has the day off tomorrow, which isn’t so much a celebration for us, but nice for her. We know she plans to spend at least part of the day at church, an interesting contrast to a typical New Year’s Day in the US.

The BBC has some great articles about the Enkutatash celebration. I’ve also been following the Ferenge Addis Blog, written by a former North Carolinian who now lives in Addis. It’s a great way to see a bit more of Addis as translated by a fellow American.

Happy Enkutatash to you and yours.


11 September 2007 - Posted by | ethiopia, food, nanny

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