We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Whither the menagerie?

A few months ago, we had a house full of animals. To answer a comment, here are their various fates.

The Old Hound
A legend in his own time, the old hound is now in that great woodsy romp-land in the sky. He retired into town with us a few years ago and had a month long wilderness adventure shortly after. Then the next summer there was the cancer scare. This past spring, he deteroriated quickly, and by June, he could barely stand on his own. He was a good dog, and we miss him.

Ms. Muddy Paws
This girl was with me a long time, really since a few months after Mr. Four and I started dating way back when. She wasn’t doing very well with the boys, first Bug and then both Bug and Giggle. She went to live with her big fan, my mother, so we’re hearing regular updates of her neighborhood adventures.

The Jeckyll/Hyde Kitty
My mom wanted a mouser and, since Ms. Muddy Paws was already loaded up, what’s one more? The Jeckyll/Hyde Kitty has since entranced my mother with her own brand of quirky affection. No word yet on her mousing.

Ms. Underfoot
My doggy soulmate, the dog we always thought needed to be around kids. Man, was I wrong. She never could give up being number one. This was the toughest one for me. In fact, the move here probably made this easier, as I had known for a while Ms. Underfoot probably needed a new home. And she has a wonderful family, a young couple with a house next to a huge field, near acres of woods where they walk regularly. She’s thriving, but I miss her terribly.

Iggy the Diabetic Cat
You’ll recall the good news was that Iggy’s limping was not related to his diabetes. The bad news is that his body, apparently, is too weak to fight the infections in his pads. He just came back from a doctor’s visit, and three of his four feet are bandaged up. He may have surgery on one pad this weekend. Poor Iggy–I hope he’s not too miserable. The boys, to their credit, have been very gentle with him.

So that’s how we went from five animals to one in a very short time. I know all the reasons we found new homes for them, but I still feel terrible. I’m trying to keep in mind my mother’s warning before we left: “Don’t take in any more animals in Egypt!”

Did I mention this is a country of stray cats? They are everywhere. But I am trying to be strong in the face of all that mewing.


10 September 2007 - Posted by | getting there, iggy the cat

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