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There Is No Me Without You

Melissa Fay Greene’s fantastic book There Is No Me Without You: One Woman’s Odyssey to Rescue Africa’s Children is now available in paperback. An adoptive mother herself (she has nine kids!), Greene spent a lot of time in Ethiopia with a woman named Haregewoin, a foster mother for orphaned and abandoned children, including many who are HIV+. This book chronicles Greene’s experiences there, as well as the HIV crisis and other causes of Ethiopia’s orphan tragedy. Greene is a great writer, and this book packs a punch.

The author is on a book tour this fall, stopping in, notably, at the Regulator in Durham on September 27, which I’m sorry to miss.

So if you’re not the type inclined to get a book from the library (and why not? but anyway…), stop by your favorite local independent bookstore and pick this one up.


7 September 2007 - Posted by | adoption, books, ethiopia

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