We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Silly American!

We went to the hypermarket and brought all our produce and other things up front to the register and unloaded it all on the belt. And then realized we needed to get the produce weighed and wrapped in the produce section. So we held up the whole line and the cashier as we trudged back and forth with our veggies. Silly American!

Mr. Four wondered what the handle was on the side of the toilet, so he turned it, and the bidet feature promptly sprayed all over his shorts. Silly American!

I went to take the metro for the first time but wasn’t sure if the price of 1LE (Egyptian pound) was correct, so I handed the ticket guy 5LE, wanting change. He told me something I didn’t understand, so I gave him more money, thinking I had the price wrong and indicating two with two fingers. Now I realize he was just trying to tell me he didn’t have change. Generous guy, he was perfectly happy to give me 2 tickets for the vastly inflated price I paid. Silly American!

(Without a doubt there’s more to come!)


2 September 2007 - Posted by | oops!, our life in egypt

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  1. Okay, these are great. More, I say!

    Comment by Jen | 26 September 2007

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