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After work this evening, I innocently stopped into a market to look for some cold water before the taxi ride home. The back corner beckoned, and, lo and behold: beer! I nearly fainted from the sight of it. And next to the beer? Shelves of liquor!

We’ve had not a drop since the night before we left the US. We haven’t sought it out, because (I’ll confess), we’re both beer snobs of a sort and we’ve been told that the beer here is either Bud or Bud-like. And we’ve been warned off the liquor as well (apparently there have been deaths from locally made liquor, and not from over-consumption).

My first thought when I saw the beer was, “Ohmygawd! Am I allowed to buy that?” And then I remembered I was in Egypt not Saudi Arabia or Swain County. (Little joke for you BC folks.)

And then I remembered another important bit of advice I was recently given: “If you see it, buy it.” Especially with Ramadan coming, it’s going to get very difficult to find any alcohol around.

And never has a beer looked so tempting as those Heinekens. I bought two. I had mine before dinner, and Mr. Four enjoyed his with pizza. Yum. I also bought a bottle of gin. If it kills us, at least we’ll die happy.

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  1. When I visited Egypt a man asked me to go into the airport (only accessible to ticketed passengers) and buy some Duty-Free booze for him with money he would provide. (I said no). I did drink some “Stella Export,” which I recall being passable. It’s “Stella Local” that comes in liter bottles and is about .07% alcohol, as I recall.

    Comment by Phoebe | 30 August 2007

  2. Oh hooray! Is it Egyptian gin, or a brand we’d know in the US? I’m no conoisseur, but I’d be interested to know if it’s any good. A tasty G&T can make any day a good day. Very much enjoying the blog so far, and the pictures are amazing! ❤

    Comment by Erin | 30 August 2007

  3. The gin purports to be British. It’s called something like “British Dry Gin” but it’s bottled in Egypt “under the authority” of somebody or other in Scotland.

    It was definitely gin, and it was definitely cheap. I wouldn’t recommend it importing it to the states. I would recommend bringing us some good stuff if you happen to visit.

    Comment by egypt4 | 2 September 2007

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