We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Where do we go from here?

So we’re already thinking about some upcoming opportunities for travel. We don’t have tons of money, but we do have some time.

The best option for a couple of days is the Red Sea. Some spots are only about 1-2 hours away from Cairo, and others are a bit further. I’m hoping we can spend at least a day or two at the beach in the next few weeks. Apparently the coral reefs are amazing, as are the snorkeling and diving (for folks who don’t have a shark paranoia from childhood exposure to Jaws).

We, along with most of Egypt, have a long weekend in mid-October at the end of Ramadan. We’re considering a desert safari or perhaps a trip to Upper Egypt, home of Luxor and Aswan and the Nubian people. The big draws there are Nile cruises and historic sites.

For winter holidays, maybe we’ll go to Ethiopia. I’d love to see some sites along the nothern historic route, plus all the green will probably be a refreshing change of pace by then.

I’m also hearing great things about Turkey and Jordan, which are accessible and affordable from here. Europe is close, but pretty pricey right now.

Before we leave, I’d really love to go to Tanzania on safari.

Where would you go if you were here?


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  1. oh wow
    oh wow
    oh wow!
    it all sounds exciting!
    you should put off work and do it all!

    Comment by Kristen | 29 August 2007

  2. If you’re going to Tanzania, I’d suggest Zanzibar. Sleep in a low-budget “cabin” next to the ocean and let the kids play on the white sand beaches that go out for 150 yards before they get 3 feet deep! Then swing by Ethiopia on the way home for your second Christmas

    My favorite Xmas of all-time was lounging, scuba diving, drinking beer and eating goat roasted on a campfire on the beach (at Lake Malawi, not Zanzibar).

    I’m turning an envious shade of green right now.

    Comment by sackrosanct | 29 August 2007

  3. Wow, Tanzania just moved way up my list. Thanks.

    Comment by egypt4 | 29 August 2007

  4. Oh man, the beaches in Egypt are amazingly beautiful! You should head up north to Dahab!

    Comment by Alicia | 29 August 2007

  5. Luxor and Aswan are great, but might be best in cooler weather.
    We love dahab. It is a very laid back place. Very relaxing. Lots of diving
    available and lots of restaurants on the beach to sit at and read all day long.
    But if you are going to leave Cairo for Eid, make plans Real Soon Now.

    A snapshot from my “office” in Dahab

    Comment by jack | 30 August 2007

  6. If you are going someplace IN Egypt, I’d recommend making plans early because everyone and his brother is going to be going somewhere for the Feast. In October, Sharm and south Sinai are wonderful. There is a camping spot called Basata that you can find online that is very nice, between Nuweiba and Taba. It doesn’t have much in the way of corals, though. With the kids being small, you might want to look at the Italian compound, Domina Coral Bay. It’s 2 km north of Naama Bay, the crowded part of Sharm, and they have everything from hotels to houses that you can rent. They also have nice play areas for kids, corals in the sea for snorkling, a number of pools. It’s a huge, fairly self-contained complex….and very secure. Not on the radar for the type of problems that Sharm has had before. The beaches around Ain Sokhna, which are closer, don’t have much in the way of coral.

    Comment by Maryanne Stroud Gabbani | 30 August 2007

  7. In Egypt, I vote for Sharm el-Sheikh. We always stay at the Iberotel Grand Sharm, which has a private snorkelling reef and a great breakfast buffet. It can be pricey but is affordable if you can get resident rates. Luxor and Aswan are nice too in the fall/winter, and we have found Maya gets a great reception among Egyptians of Nubian origin, who are always (well mostly) extremely kind to her.

    We were tempted to go to Zanzibar last year for our vacation but didn’t because it looked too expensive, but it is on our vacation wish list as well. We are also considering South Africa.

    Comment by cindy | 30 August 2007

  8. My neighbor just returned from Ethiopia with her amazing son, and she said Lalibela is a must-and her slideshow has me enthralled. Might not be a kid friendly trip though, since it’s mostly about architecture? Enjoy it all! ~lmc

    Comment by lisa | 30 August 2007

  9. Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m going to look into Sharm for Eid, but indeed things do seem to be booking up.

    I wonder if a travel agent would have better luck?

    Comment by egypt4 | 30 August 2007

  10. I second the Zanzibar recommendation. I stayed in the old town (not at the beach) and loved it. The coast of Kenya is also gorgeous — clean white sand, clear water, beautiful for swimming because of the reef off-shore. It’s like a huge salt-water pool.

    Comment by Monica | 30 August 2007

  11. So I’m looking for places near Sharm for Eid, but not finding tons of availability.

    How’s Shark’s Bay? It sounds quieter than Sharm, which is really appealing.

    Comment by egypt4 | 31 August 2007

  12. I have no experience traveling in Africa whatsoever, but I say safari!!! Too exciting! Whatever you do, pictures, pictures. 🙂

    Comment by Karen | 2 September 2007

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