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The Mother of all Nations

In English, it sounds like a bad joke from the Bush I/Saddam Hussein era, but apparently Egyptians refer to their country as Misr Umm El Dunya, which means Egypt: Mother of all Nations. So I was told in my orientation.

I kept thinking of Ethiopia, which (as Ethiopians proudly boast) is one of the world’s oldest countries. And then I had to look up some info about Ethiopia, which is pretty lame considering I’ve made an amateur study of it over the past few years. And then I remembered that the Library of Congress has a great resource called Portals to the World, which promptly distracted me.

And finally I remembered that this isn’t a competition. Both countries can be old. Indeed, both are old.

Speaking of rivalries-real or imagined-during my lunch today, while chatting about colleges and such back in the US, someone commented to me, “You can’t really know college sports rivalries until you know Big 10 football.”

Oh really?

Oh, by the way, this conversation happened while I was lunching with the president. My employer’s president, that is. Okay, it was more like there was an empty space at the table where I was sitting, and he sat down. But, still, it was nice.

The president commented that today’s lunch was the only free lunch we’d receive there. This was somewhat refreshing, in a weird way, because at my last employer, there were so many “free” lunches some wondered if we couldn’t just be paid more instead. Also, who needs a free lunch when I can buy kushari around the corner for a buck?


27 August 2007 - Posted by | our life in egypt


  1. Well, I’m amazed!
    How glorious!
    Do you have a couch friends can sleep on? I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt.
    Big hug and love,

    Comment by Debra Jones | 28 August 2007

  2. OK, Mr. Four – how did that name come about?
    Does everyone have fake names to protect the innocent?

    I’m so behind with this story my head is spinning!
    Thank goodness Susan pointed me to your site.

    Comment by Debra Jones | 28 August 2007

  3. Oh dear. I haven’t talked to you in so long and all I do is ask to visit. Very poor manners and I apologize! I’m just so amazed and excited about it all! Anyway, this is an amazing site you have and I’m very impressed how computer savvy you are. And I really would love to meet your children someday.
    Hugs again,

    Comment by Debra Jones | 28 August 2007

  4. Yes, do visit! Meet the children! See Egypt! Besides, we owe you a great deal of hosptality. And we have a whole guest room just waiting for you.

    Comment by egypt4 | 28 August 2007

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