We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Back to work…

I still have another week until my regular work schedule begins, but tomorrow, Mr. Four and I will start orientation. He’ll attend one day, and I the rest of the week.

It’s been great to have these two weeks here to settle in, especially after the spring and fall, filled with so much unknown. We decided to adopt Giggle in March and had some frantic weeks of paper chasing after that, and it was around that time that we first learned of the possibility of moving to Cairo, never realizing how snug the timing would be with both Giggle’s homecoming and our move.

Then we spent much of May wondering about the job here as well as Giggle’s adoption hearing, which seemed to take longer all the time. Mr. Four called me one day in May to say I had a call from Cairo. “You mean from the adoption agency?” No, from Cairo. It was all very complicated.

Things started calming down and ramping up simultaneously in early July, when Giggle and I arrived in the US from Ethiopia. We had a few intense weeks at first, when he seemed to experience every emotion to the extreme. Still, it was good to be together, finally.

But those last few weeks in our house in the US were overwhelming, as we prepared our shipment with its detailed inventory list, packed up the rest of the house, and stuffed our suitcases. In the midst of this there were house showings and tantrums and lots of shopping trips (often all at the same time!).

So here we are. And finding our way around a new town and culture feels a lot less overwhelming than what we experienced earlier this summer, perhaps because instead getting ready for something, we are living our lives.

Tomorrow begins a new routine for us all. Giggle has gone to school a few days, but I’ve been home in the afternoons after school. Soon I’ll be away from the house even when he gets home, and Mr. Four will be the primary caregiver for the boys. Bug is used to this arrangement, though I can’t say any of us love it. Not that I’d rather have Mr. Four out of the house all day–I just wish we could all have more time together.

Pleasantly added into the mix is our new housekeeper/nanny, a lovely young Ethiopian woman who was highly recommended by her current employer, an expat leaving the country. Hana starts in a week. Giggle wasn’t sure what to make of her til he heard the magic word: injera. She’ll speak Amharic to the boys and cook Ethiopian food, in addition to cleaning the house and sometimes watching the boys in the afternoons.

There are a few times that I’ve wondered if we have enough work here for a housekeeper. Then other times I’m worried part-time won’t be enough!

Of course, all this depends on gainful employment, which depends on the retreat of the bacteria currently invading my legs. The hypochondriac in me is wondering if I have the antiobiotic-resistant strain of something-or-other, which will require successive doses of IV drips while in quarantine. I told Mr. Four that if I languish in a hospital, he should send me to the medical center at my beloved alma mater, where at least I could wile away the days listening to the band practice the school’s fight song.

Let’s hope I stay here, if only so this blog will be more interesting for all of us.


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  1. Have they cultured the bacteria? If it is MRSA, it’s nothing to wait on and you should be admitted for IV antibiotics or oral sulfa antibiotics quickly.

    Comment by Amblin | 25 August 2007

  2. I’m been having fun keeping up with you and yours in Cairo! I’m so jealous! I agree that if you’ve been on antibiotics for several days (especially for a skin issue) and you haven’t seen improvement, you may want to culture the infection to see if you are on the correct med. What’s with the pseudonyms? Mr Four? I had to “giggle” at that one!
    I am going to the NC state fair with Debra next week. I am looking forward to seeing her. All is well here, kids are thriving. Bill has take a PE position at the kids elem school. He loved his old job but the hour commute each way was hard on our family time. I’ll have to email you privately so you can see our snapfish acct with all our pix of the Abaco vacation. It was fabulous. Let me know if I can help with the medical stuff. Love to you, senor 4, and the boys. Susan

    Comment by Susan Hester | 27 August 2007

  3. Hah, Susan, I was thinking about emailing you about my skin!

    “Hey, how’s it going? By the way, let me tell you about this gross thing on my leg!”

    Also, I’ve been thinking about the staph bucket. Were the one who told me the story about how someone thought it was the staff bucket? And so they had to re-name it the beta bucket after this guide packed lunch in it one day? Ewww.

    Anyway… I did go back to another doctor today (this one at work), who referred me to a good dermatologist.

    Have fun at the fair–please give your family and Debra hugs from us.

    Comment by egypt4 | 27 August 2007

  4. Bill started laughing when I read your post out loud. He says he remembers being on the river and freaking out when he say someone unpacking that bucket at lunch. What are you taking for your legs? Oral AB or topical?

    We looked up plane tix to visit you when you told us about the move. Maybe if we sold a car or two we could come :-). We missed seeing you this summer. Where are the dogs? Is Roy still around?

    Comment by Susan Hester | 27 August 2007

  5. Yours is my first blog! Can’t find my previous comment so not sure if you responded. Can you email so I can ask another question? xoxo to you all, Debra

    Comment by Debra Jones | 6 September 2007

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