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Mr. Four and I first met Giggle in June, on a ridiculously short weekend trip to Ethiopia taken to facilitate a certain kind of immigrant visa for Giggle that makes the citizenship process easier (all complicated bureaucracy stuff). We had a wonderful time with him over two days, and I was smitten. It was partly the honeymoon experience, as it’s known in adoption circles: he was on his best behavior. So were we! Leaving was absolutely miserable. He had seen enough kids leave with their new parents to know he wasn’t supposed to end up back at the care center. He sobbed. And I sobbed for much of the plane ride home, feeling like the crappiest mother ever, and wondering if he’d ever forgive us.

Indeed he did. I went back in late June to spend several days there and then bring him back to the US, and we had a great week. We co-slept, and every morning I’d wake up to a beautiful smiling face. Giggle was so ready to have parents again, and so ready to be adored. We bonded that week, and despite a challenging trip back to the US, we had developed a good foundation for our relationship.

Giggle was thrilled to see Mr. Four and Bug, and Bug smiled and smiled at his new big brother. And Giggle has been a great big brother in most everything. Except one: sharing Mommy.

We’ve always put Bug to sleep with one of us there. And we planned to do the same with Giggle. So Mr. Four and I have both done the bedtime routine together for these past few months, and when it’s time to turn off the light and go to sleep, inevitably I’ve been with Giggle. He just would never go to sleep with Mr. Four there. He wanted Mommy, and that was that. It’s been a bit sad for me to miss some of the cuddle time with Bug, but I also had to remind myself that that’s part of having two kids instead of just one.

Last night, Bug was in a mommy mood. I cuddled with him while Mr. Four helped Giggle brush his teeth, get into jammies, and so on. Then Giggle insisted I go to bed with him and almost threw a tantrum over it. So Mr. Four and I switched places while Bug cried, “Mommy!” and Giggle ignored him. Giggle and I chatted a bit about how he’d need to learn to share Mommy, that’d soon it’d be Bug’s turn. Giggle hated the idea of this.

Until, after Bug cried more and more for me, Giggle finally ordered me to Bug’s bed. Mr. Four was allowed into Giggle’s bed. And, eventually, both boys fell asleep, with Giggle quite proud of himself.

This morning, the first thing he said to me was, “Giggle shares.” Indeed, he does, and I’m so proud of him for two things: one, letting his brother’s needs take precedence, and two, letting Mr. Four parent him.

Going to sleep with your father instead of your mother might seem like nothing in most families. But this was a huge milestone for my Giggle.


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  1. What an amazing experience! You have two beautiful son’s, and knowing they are loved by their parents may be helping them do more sharing. Yeah boys! Yeah parents! Thanks for sharing that special milestone.
    Hugs ~Robin

    Comment by robin | 24 August 2007

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