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Please meet kushari, my new favorite food

Speaking of delicious food, I actually ate Egyptian food for the first time today. You may be wondering how I could go this long without trying it. I mentioned earlier that it’s very easy to find western foods here. They’re expensive (I couldn’t resist black beans, and Mr. Four fell for the, yes, bisquick), but there are often local versions of American and other western food (like one of my faves, Tammy’s Delicious Flakes of Corn Corn Flakes). So it’s been easy to make and order in more familiar foods, especially with the boys.

Today both boys were in school (more on that later), and Mr. Four and I had some errands to do downtown. I convinced him to try some Egyptian food, and a local guy recommended a nearby restaurant that, it turns out, is recommended by guidebooks.

So we went in, sat down, and, because Egyptian men will generally talk to men and not so much to women (out of respect, or something), it was on Mr. Four to do the communicating for us. He thought he asked for menus. Instead, we were brought heaping bowls of kushari with a small bowl of tomato sauce.

Mmm, kushari. It was delicious. The ingredients include little pasta, rice, and brown lentils with fried onions. Does that sound good? Probably not, but it’s quite filling and absolutely yummy. We filled our bellies with that and some Sprite and Coke (the drinks were easy to order, in the universal language of Coca-Cola products).

Now that we know we like it, we can order it to our house or stop in at local places closer to home. Plus, the place we went today is just around the corner from my office.

I know I’ve been talking probably too much about money on here, but I feel compelled to share that lunch for two, with sodas, was LE 12. With tip, it came to less than $3 US.

So that makes kushari delicious and cheap and convenient and healthy too! I’m going to eat so much kushari that in a few months, I’ll be posting, “Please meet kushari, a food I despise more than anything.” But it’ll be a great journey to get there.


22 August 2007 - Posted by | food


  1. yay for cheap meals!
    the cheapest meal i ate in peru cost 1sol 50, that is 45 american cents! and it was one of the best meals i ate in the whole 2 months.
    but just wait until you come back to america, you will get used to the cheap prices and be revulsed by what we pay. i almost let myself get dehydrated in the airport coming home because i refused to pay $3 for a water bottle that would only cost 30 cents in peru : )

    Comment by Kristen | 22 August 2007

  2. Kristen, wow, 45 cents is a great deal! What did the meal include?

    Comment by egypt4 | 24 August 2007

  3. i think it was a chicken kabob with really good french fries. the kind of fries that are cut really thick. it also had a salad that we chose not to eat. is tap water a concern in cairo?

    Comment by Kristen | 29 August 2007

  4. […] onto Egyptian food: I love kushari, though I stopped eating it so much when I was hit with the mummy tummy. Mr. Four and the boys love […]

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