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Some skin irritations led me to seek out a doctor today, and thus far I am delighted with the Egyptian medical system.

I called around 1pm and was able to make an appointment for immediately (I hear this is quite uncommon). I waited about five minutes at the doctor’s office. The dermatologist was quite friendly and professional and diagnosed me with infected bug bites (sorry, I am trying to be vague so I don’t gross out anyone). Apparently this is quite common for newcomers like me, as the local bugs carry different germs than the ones back in the States. Who knew?

Mr. Four hasn’t even spotted a mosquito, and while I’ve only seen two, apparently one did enough damage that I’ve been prescribed an antibiotic, an antibiotic cream, and antifungal soap, and plain old claritin.

My doctor’s visit cost LE 120 (that’s Egyptian pounds), as did the various creams and prescriptions. Total for the day? $42.20 US. These are not co-pays, folks, but the total amount of the bills. Oh, and the doctor gave me her cell phone number in case I can’t reach her at the clinic. And the whole thing took less than an hour.

So much for my adaptibility, though.

*Update: I fixed the amount in US dollars. Not because the conversion was wrong but because I can’t add.


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  1. When I lived in Kenya we (the other exchange students and I) had the same thing — mosquito bites and every little scrape or nick got infected at first. I noticed the same thing on small local children, too. Eventually we all adjusted to the new bacteria. It’ll be interesting to see if the boys have less reaction than you do, given their exposure to a whole range of Ethiopian bugs.

    Comment by Monica | 23 August 2007

  2. Monica, I’m relieved to hear this actually. I have so many infected little spots, some that were hardly scrapes. So far everyone else in the family is fine. I do wonder if perhaps Giggle has the most immunity, coming most recently from Ethiopia. Hmmm….

    Comment by egypt4 | 23 August 2007

  3. […] course, all this depends on gainful employment, which depends on the retreat of the bacteria currently invading my legs. The hypochondriac in me is wondering if I have the antiobiotic-resistant strain of […]

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  4. Hey, lady, I had that same problem the summer I worked in India! Long story…I fell in some, um, VERY dirty water in a gutter during the monsoon. After getting many, many bug bites on my legs. Amoxicillan cleared it up. I hope you’re feeling better already! I love your blog.

    Comment by Karen | 28 August 2007

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