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An American hamburger in Cairo

Through expat Maryanne over at Living in Egypt, I found an article in Time magazine (from July) about an American restaurant here in Cairo which, the writer claims, makes “the best hamburger in the world.”

I’ve not one for hamburgers, but a dinner out to someplace the kids would like seemed in order. And the promise of a good burger tantalized Mr. Four.

And he agrees: his was, indeed, one of the best hamburgers he’s ever had. Apparently they grind their own meat in-house. The restaurant is called Lucille’s, and it’s pretty close to us. The owner is from Colorado.

For as hard as it is to adapt to living in a different country, our part of town is very accommodating of westerners, particularly Americans. Lots of signs are in English, lots of people speak English, and there are restaurants like Domino’s, McDonald’s, Chili’s, and more.

At Lucille’s, I had chicken souvalki, and it was also delicious.


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