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What do you know about insulin? Iggy the cat, who is diabetic, has been doing just fine til the last day or so. He’s limping again, a symptom of diabetes, which tends to interfere somehow with the hip joint. We saw the limping first last spring, before we had his diabetes well regulated.

He missed a few insulin injections and his schedule is way off from our travels, but he’s been back on a consistent schedule for quite a few days. So why are we seeing the limping now? Is it a leftover symptom from the missed doses? Or … could it be that his insulin somehow spoiled on the trip over?

If he’s still limping tomorrow, I’m going to try to find a vet who will see us soon. Fortunately, we have some contact information for a couple of local vets, courtesy of my employer. In the meantime, if you have any insight into Iggy’s state, please do share.


18 August 2007 - Posted by | iggy the cat

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  1. Is Iggy eating? Our cat Burl had diabetes and it was always tricky when we were away and had someone give him shots or something else changed and he didn’t eat as much. This would end up with him receiving too much insulin. I don’t know if what you’re experiencing is the same thing or not, but the amount of food Iggy is eating is important for his insulin dose.

    Comment by Gretchen | 20 August 2007

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