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Giggle goes to school

In just a few days! The work week here is Sunday-Thursday (Friday is the Muslim holy day), and Giggle will start on Sunday, when the new school year starts. It’s actually a montessori-style preschool, and he loved our visit there. He amused himself by trying out all the shape and block toys. I thought Giggle would tantrum upon our departure, but I finally convinced him to leave. The school has a nice outdoor play area, and I really liked the director, who will be his teacher. He’s super excited. The structure will benefit all of us, but especially Giggle, who’s been craving routine and tasks.

So we had to get an important school supply: a lunch box. This involved a trip to our local mall. I found a store that could have been called Cheap Plastic Crap from China. Giggle got a plastic lunch box in his favorite color, pink. (How long will be it til he’s horrified by all the pink stuff he has acquired in the last few weeks?)

Bug won’t be starting school right away. Lately he’s been saying, “No school.” So it seems like he needs some more time with this transition, which is fine, because it’s not like Mr. Four has a lot to do right now anyway. (And neither do I for another week.)

By the way, I’m sure parents in the States will appreciate this: full-time preschool for Giggle, from 8am to 3pm, is $240/month. Yup, that’s American dollars. We’re going to start him on the shorter schedule, til 1pm, and see how he adjusts. I suspect he’ll soon want to spend all day there.


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  1. Hi and welcome to Cairo. Glad you found a school and hope Giggle is happy there! I love following your blog (from the US where we are on home leave!!) It seems like you are adjusting great. Let me know if you need to know how to find anything — although it seems like you’re getting plenty of good advice already. We’ll be back in Egypt at the end of the month if you’re settled in enough to get together.


    Comment by cindy | 16 August 2007

  2. Pink was my oldest son’s favorite color until he was 8 or 9. I kept waiting on him to realize the stigma involved with a boy liking pink. One day he just quietly announced that blue was his new favorite color.

    I hope Giggle enjoys school. Sounds wonderful!

    (one of your ET travel companions when you picked up Bug)

    Comment by Kimberly | 17 August 2007

  3. Hey Cindy, we’d love to see you! Especially if it doesn’t involve very complicated navigation on our part.

    Kim, that’s very interesting about your son and his favorite color. It’s rather heartening, really, to hear about kids who don’t seem so influenced by something as silly as peer pressure about colors.

    Comment by egypt4 | 17 August 2007

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