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Call to Prayer has a boo boo

That was Bug’s explanation for why Call to Prayer stopped singing this evening. Some other theories: Call for Prayer had to go to work. Call to Prayer went with Daddy (who was out). Call to Prayer is sleeping.

I assured him that Call for Prayer certainly would be back soon. Which is good, as it is quite lovely, perhaps because the government recently synchronized the city’s muezzins.

Interestingly, Wikipedia sources say that Sunni Muslims believe that the call to prayer, or adhan, was actually written by a freed Ethiopian slave. (I’m embarassed to say I had to double check that I was keeping my Sunnis and Shias straight.)

By the way, plenty of Cairenes do not appear to pray during the call. Many, many people just go about their business.

But in the appliance store the other day, I had to wait to look at washing machines until a couple of men, who had their prayer mats in the washing machine display area, had finished their prayers.


16 August 2007 - Posted by | bug, our life in egypt

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