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House of Pain

The tile is slippery and the floors are hard. And this is causing many problems for little Bug, who has managed to hurt himself in just about every room of our house so far. He’s dropped two glasses, including one which chipped and cut his foot. And he has a recovering split lip from where he hit the hardwood floor in another incident.

Giggle is scared silly of the air conditioning units. They’re like window units, but massive enough to cool a large room. They are attached to the ceilings in the living/dining room and the two bedrooms. And they are loud. Especially at night.

Bug claims not to be frightened of them but has told us that a few of his trains (notably Percy and Gordon) are.

Poor kids. I don’t know if these noises are really all the scary of if the boys are projecting their anxieties on these things. I suppose it doesn’t matter. If anyone has any ideas of making a loud machine less scary, please let me know.


15 August 2007 - Posted by | bug, giggle


  1. Does it blow downward? If so, have the boys stick some streamers (or decorated strips of newspaper on it or balloons on a string). Then call it the party machine.

    Comment by Diane | 16 August 2007

  2. Diane, that’s a great idea! We’ll have to try that.

    Comment by egypt4 | 16 August 2007

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