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My little Bug

Bug and Mr. Four at the zoo

Bug is two years old and he’s been my son for just over a year. He’s a wonderful little boy, and I adore him. Giggle is four years old (or so), and he’s been our son for just over a month.

I was worried about how Bug would take to Giggle, and it’s been a delight and relief to see these boys playing together and loving each other. I particularly love how Giggle will show some real kindness to Bug after a disagreement, like when Bug wants a something-or-other that Giggle has. Giggle will protest, but often, a few minutes later, will say, “Bug’s turn!” and pass the treasure over.

Bug is also learning about being small–as the only child, he didn’t have anyone around who could do more. Now, he’s not the fastest runner or strongest climber. And he has quickly become a charmingly annoying little brother who knows how to make Giggle scream by chasing him around the house.

Mr. Four and I were concerned about Giggle’s adjustment to us, especially given this huge move. But it seems Bug is the more stressed. He’s at a tough age–old enough to recognize the changes, but too young to process his emotions verbally. So he’s been acting out a bit and yearning for his old routine, or so it seems.

Even though my focus has been on Giggle this past month, I have loved having some extra time to cuddle with Bug. And given all the upheaval approaching, it’s been good for both of us.


10 August 2007 - Posted by | bug, family, getting there, giggle

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