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My parents spent a year in Tunisia with my older sister, before I was born (that, along with the trip she got to take to London with our parents when I, at age two, was left with my grandparents, were the major perceived injustices of my young life). My upcoming move to Egypt has kindled my dad’s memories about living abroad. Apparently communicating with folks back home was terribly difficult and involved multiple operators and switchboards and a great deal of money and even with all that it was unreliable.

Whereas nowadays… Mr. Four and I have five emails between the two of us (well, he only has one, ahem). And we’re in touch with everyone through email. It’s simply the easiest way for me to communicate with my family. Really, I can’t imagine spending two years (at least) away from family and friends if I couldn’t email photos and, even better I hope, take advantage of our new webcam so folks stateside can see my kids playing and growing.

And you know what the best part is? This blog entry might help me win some newfangled machine that lets you send photos to offline friends. How cool is that? And, how lame am I? Except it’s a good question.

So, dear reader, how has email changed how you communicate with your family?


5 August 2007 - Posted by | family, our life in egypt


  1. Thanks so much for this post — I have a similar story to tell about my parents’ communication with extended family in India! Good luck…I’m about to draw the winner…

    Comment by Asha | 6 August 2007

  2. Asha, thanks for stopping in and making my new blog’s first comment!

    Comment by egypt4 | 6 August 2007

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